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Using the PractiTest test management solution, you can simply import Excel/Sheet spreadsheets containing your test cases. We have also included a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding test management tools below. Orcanos is an Application Lifecycle Management and Q QMS solution. It is focused on regulated industries such as Medical Devices, Pharma, and High Tech. As a high-end product, they do not offer a free trial, only a demo to learn more about the system.

Price is affordable and flexible to suit large and small teams alike. Best for someone who is looking for a test case management tool with unlimited users that does not impact the subscription plan. It comes with in-built user management features that allow us to control the users who use the system.

Test Management Tools Review

It provides integrated management with data stored in MySQL, and it allows scheduling and running fully automated or manual test campaigns. HP QC has been the most used test management software; it has all the features necessary in many ways. It is one of the high-end tools that provide robust tracking and reporting. ALM can also connect with an e-mail system and send e-mail for any changes to desired team members. “TestRail is a great all-in-one tool for managing test repositories, creating test plans, tracking test execution progress, monitoring automation coverage, and generating insightful reports.” Organize and structure reusable test cases in folders, create agile test plans, and track test execution progress with a fast and easy-to-use interface designed specifically for test management.

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The need will be instantly linked to the defects reported by linked test cases. In this top tools list, we have compiled the top 30 test management tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from. These are some examples of the options for linking with external parties.

Test Management Tools Review

Added feature to track the work of teams using Jira Agile boards for better visibility and transparency. Advanced coverage for Requirements, Defects, tests, and execution. Cloud App for Jira is available in Atlassian Marketplace which uses Jira Issue for all the testing activities. Release Control Plan, track, orchestrate, and release complex applications across any environment. Fortify Find security issues early and fix at the speed of DevOps.

The platform boasts a ton of integrations with other services including Jira, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Rally, Bugzilla, Visual Studio, Lighthouse, and more. A Rest API gives you even more options for integration so that you can automate additional tasks. On the whole, the integration options make for a more streamlined test management experience.

Requirements can be manually entered or dynamically synchronized from external tools in Klaros Test Management. Using established processes, end-to-end traceability, audit trails, and security measures, you may achieve regulatory compliance. To make educated decisions, obtain a comprehensive view of all releases, and delve down into particular projects to gain new insights. Add as many users to your Project as you need; your subscription plan will not be affected.

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TestCollab, which was completely updated in 2021, is the most current test management platform accessible for your QA needs. Hundreds of companies have relied on TestCollab for their QA process over the last 11 years. Consolidate development and Test Management Tools Review testing into a single, collaborative process. They execute tests with sprinter speed and marathon consistency because their teams are perfectly synchronized. Data from both manual and automated tests are combined in reporting and analytics.

It helps you manage end-to-end testing, requirements and test execution. It comes with additional test automation support and integration with various issue tracking and development tools. It also features granular project reporting, test analytics and dashboard gadgets.

As said, these are to define requirements and risks, design test cases, plan test runs, analyze test results, and manage related issues. The whole process is managed by a test management tool to make your work easier and reusable. These are the most outstanding selection criteria in choosing test management software. By clicking on the topic, you can read more about the options test management tools offer.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Test Management Tool

A test management tool, in essence, is created to address the frequent issues that testers, QA managers, and project managers encounter when it comes to maintaining and managing the testing cycle. JunoOne, a test management software, provides a number of capabilities to help you organise your testing efforts, control specific phases, and track the overall status of your projects. 70 cross-project reports and gadgets enable enterprise-grade reporting to track coverage, progress, and quality.

  • With juno.one is there a really effective way how to manage that – and enjoy the day.
  • Add as many users to your Project as you need; your subscription plan will not be affected.
  • Both testers and management benefit from these features because they can see the entire QA process from the beginning of the requirements to the end of the sprint.
  • TestGrid has deployed Automated Testing Clouds at multiple locations around the globe.
  • It provides real-time visibility into the quality of your application.
  • Enterprise Tester helps you improve your software testing maturity by allowing you to track requirements all the way to problems.

Keyword-driven testing allows for the reuse of test code or keywords and a smooth transition from manual to automated testing. QMetry’s flagship tool connects with a variety of tools, including Jira, authentication technologies such as LDAP and SAML, and other standard testing tools. Manage your requirements with ease, and track and optimize your testing process with our detailed reports.

The Ultimate Test Management Software

QTest Manager is a test management tool that centralizes test management into one location. Case versioning allows you to create multiple versions of test cases for future reference. You also have the option to import test cases from Microsoft Excel to make the process more efficient.

Test Management Tools Review

Teams collaborate on objectiF RM either on premise or in the cloud with integrated instant messageing and videocall options. ObjectiF RPM offers features for project, portfolio, requirements, test, risk and workflow management. The software is highly customizable, integrable and extensible and can be specifically tailored to your individual corporate needs. It offers templates for agile and hybrid project management, digitization programs and projects following the Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe. Automatic migration of your existing test scenarios (MS Excel, Word…) in 48 hours for a quick and easy onboarding.

We started with a few location specific requirements of our product and it already have it. It has been an aligned journey as LambdaTest was always a step ahead of our needs. SpiraTest is a complete quality control and test management system by Inflectra.

Their overall support is good but they take a while to figure out our problem and respond. We recently started using Percy as well which is a new tool from them and it is also very good. Tosca is very good script less automation tool available in market. Tosca is having model-based approach to software test automation. Tosca can create reusable components this helps regression testing.

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Standardize testing processes by having IT and business users adopt the same testing method. Automated migration of existing test scenarios (MS Excel, Word …)) in 48 hours for a quick onboarding. A common meeting ground for all QA stakeholders, it enables full visibility into the testing process and a deeper broader understanding of testing results.

Mobile Testing Tools

Testuff also integrates with many bug tracking and test automation tools. It allows you to easily manage test plans, test cases and test runs. Additional collaboration features enable the entire team to access test plans, requirements and test cases in one place. To stay up-to-date on testing activities, TestLodge provides activity feeds, dashboards, graphs and test reports. It integrates with over two dozens of issue tracking tools to create and link bug reports when test cases fail.

PractiTest comes with a range of pricing options for enterprises of all sizes. It improves test coverage, as it takes care of requirement management and test case creation and execution. You should select one of the best test management tools that offer features https://globalcloudteam.com/ like live chat, phone calls, FAQs, raising help desk tickets, etc. This application enables you to measure software development progress. Following is a handpicked list of Top Test Management Tools, with their popular features and website links.

ReQtest integrates test management with JIRA, allowing you to take advantage of JIRA’s issue tracking features. TestRail offers full test case management to assist you in organizing your testing efforts and gaining real-time insight into testing activity. QA teams can boost productivity and provide quick feedback thanks to powerful reports and KPIs. You can organize your requirements, develop and run tests , track issues, and generate reports using the adjustable filters. As indicated, learning a test management tool is part of the starting process. The manager who has to make the designs and planning has a little more work, but here, too, user-friendliness is decisive.

For example, you can view graphs on a project detailing Tests Created, Tests Executed, and Defects Linked. TestCollab – Test management tool with a dashboard for monitoring test cases, custom reports, integrations for Jira and Pivotal Tracker, and more. A good test management software should provide robust tools to test every component of the testing cycle meticulously.


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